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Ramen the Singaporean Way

I have always been on quest for noodles (as you may have noticed under my food blogs), searching for the most delicious, satisfying and the one with the “I-will-come-back-for-you” quality… the quest is still on but I may have encountered the best!
Introducing A NOODLE STORY‘s Singapore Ramen! 👏

Deliciously made by careful hands making sure that your bowl is perfectly set up! Something you don’t even want to ruin even if you are super hungry!

Located at 7 Maxwell Road #01-39 Amoy Street Food Centre, 069111 , this stall already has a queue before it opens at 11:15am! This is definitely a must try for tourists! Cheapey cheap cheap with the quality of a restaurant ramen. I am damn serious.

Also, it has been awarded with Michelin Guide’s Bib Gourmand. So what are you waiting for? Head down now to Amoy Street! 👍




Back to sharing my food for stomach!

Spicy Cha Shu Ramen from Ajisen Ramen by Bachmann in Takashimaya, Orchard Road #B210-02.

A big bowl of hot and spicy ramen to satisfy our hunger after our Yoga class in Fitness First. Note: We are not on a strict diet thing. We were born to satisfy our grumbling tummies.. after being stretched and pained and twisted during the session and finally steamed to relaxation in the steam bath. Whew! 


Quite expensive though. But this is an authentic ramen restaurant so… okay. It comes with a free side dish and drink so… okay. And I actually had a hard time finishing that bowl so… yeah. 😂
– K

Meet Coffee’s Wife


As a coffee lover, I’ve tried quite a number of coffee versions and I’ve loved everything! But this one is probably my favorite! As we pass along the length of Thalang Road, Phuket Old Town, Thailand, I got a glimpse of a bookstore-slash-cafe-slash-artspace-slash-cinematheque which really caught my complete attention so we went into it. It is called Bookhemian Coffee Shop.

And curious about the Affogato (other versions have other names) in the menu, I ordered one. Vanilla ice cream plus a shot of espresso and my heart melted. Just the perfect combination. 😍 


FoodHunt: The Best of Koh Phi Phi

Going on a holiday to Krabi, Thailand? I totally recommend Papaya Restaurant for the best local foods! Extremely delicious with big portions you can share with your friends and partners for affordable prices! It is located in Koh Phi Phi Don Islands, Krabi, Thailand. 
Above is their Fried White Snapper, fresh from the sea with a delectable sauce and is beautifully garnished. This is a big one good for three to four people for roughly S$5.00!

And this one above is their Curry Massaman, and I tell you, this curry is to die for! Chicken meat, potatoes and cashew nuts with a flavoursome curry sauce, you would definitely ask for more! Price? Roughly S$4.00 good for two.

Try them out. It’s absolutely the best place to satisfy your Thai food cravings in Koh Phi Phi! Cheap plus quality food is equal to Papaya Restaurant! 😁

Eleven Two & Co. (Phuket Old Town)


We spent a day roaming around the streets of Phuket Old Town, Phuket, Thailand and checked on every single Tripadvisor‘s suggestions and top 10 restaurants we could find close to where we are currently staying. And so we stumbled upon Eleven Two & Co.

This photo above is their Spicy Thai Pork Quesadilla and we asked for it to be less spicy.

One slice and it burned our mouth! It was like I was eating flames! We finished it though because it was really very good, tasty and delicious but I thought they couldn’t really make it “less spicy”, I was thinking it was marinated to be really spicy and they can’t do anything to make it less hot. When the staff came and cleared our plate, we told her about the food experience and she confirmed the kitchen people have made it “less spicy”. I was in total shock at how could it have been if the food was served the way it is!

Anyway, this is one fun food experience and I would gladly share it to you. Spicy food lovers, you must go for this! 😊


The Singapura Club


Meet The Singapura Club, located at 26 Haji Lane, Bugis, Singapore.

I am not really a bar hopper but I am a lover of cocktails and alcoholic beverages. Below is their version of Blue Margarita, which tastes really alcoholic,and Kopi Peng, coffee with a touch of vodka (my weakness), and is a thumbs up for me, mixed by my friend Kelvin, who happened to be the bar manager (which is why I am promoting Singapura Club, haha! 😂 ).


This beautiful pinkish red drink below is the Singapore Sling, the most common to any bar you go. Sweet, alcoholic, and perfect.


Next cocktail was created by another friend, the bar Mixologist Zoul, called the Orchid Sling, (obviously because of the orchid as its garnish), alcohol and barley together in one drink. This is his very own creation and I should say this is one good cocktail. I don’t like the bits of barley, though. This drink is a backstabber. Sweet, innocent looking but certainly strong. The flower attracts women. A cocktail you shouldn’t dare miss.


And as hungry as always, we had Singapore’s version of BBQ, called Satay, which can either be chicken or beef, with peanut sauce, onions (if you don’t mind eating fresh ones), and cucumber. This is delicious! And we also tried their Fried Chicken (I think it was curried first) with herbs and chili seeds around it combined with pickled carrots to enhance the taste and make you ask for more!


Try it out. Honestly, I don’t recommend you go for the food because you can find them anywhere in Singapore but the cocktails, oh! Only my friends can give you the best ones at affordable prices! 😁👍
Edit: My friends are not working there now. They are now working somewhere else. Should’ve edited this a long time ago but… I thought it didn’t matter. Well, now, I think I should tell you anyway. (Feb 8, 2017)

– K

Smoked Salmon Crêpe

Timezone games beat the hell out of me and sucked all my energy after throwing balls at evil clowns, grabbing stuffed toys (in which I was never able to win one), hammering to the point of concentrating all my chakra (from my arms flowing to the hammer), and stomping on the exhausting dance machine. Again… my tummy grumbled.

So Kenny and I went to Marché, took our cards, found our seats, drank some fruit juices (watermelon for me and orange for him), and roamed around to look for some mouth-watering edibles. We stopped at this crêpe stall and we found ourselves ordering this food below:


Smoked Salmon Crêpe!! It looks delicious right? IT REALLY IS DELICIOUS by the way. It doesn’t even taste like salmon and the sauce complements it. This was a totally big, big serving that this plate got us both full and satisfied. Oh, and I love those crunchy cherry tomatoes on the side. They are perfect! 👍👌

– K

Boiling Hot


Singapore is just too warm to handle during sunny days. An ice cold coffee or any drink for that matter wouldn’t ease the sweat and relieve your burning skin. A shower isn’t enough because the moment you get dressed, you get your bits of sweat back. And there’s aircon! Hah! You can’t stay in your room forever (plus the bill, don’t forget)!

So we chose to go out and enjoy the day in the cool climate of shopping centres. But then… it suddenly rained. And it is still warm, though. But the temperature in the mall was decreasing. Then I hugged myself even though I have my cardigan on. And here came hunger. Cold plus grumbling tummy equals noodle soup.

Tadah! We ate a bowl of Hot Pot Noodle. Fire under freshly combined ingredients in a bowl (eggs, mustard greens, pork and liver, fish cake) and a separate bowl of noodle and fried dumpling. Absolutely delicious and cheap and worth it! So Shiok! 😂

– K

Big Mr. Sushi


Who doesn’t love sushi? If there is one food I so crave for, that is SUSHI! But it is never cheap. NEVER! They were almost always sold per piece in restaurants with jaw-dropping prices.

I had lunch at 3pm. Kenny and I planned to watch a movie in the evening, we were not hungry but we want to at least chew something so our tummy won’t complain in the middle of watching The Big Short.

So he brought me to Sushi Burrito, a sushi shop that serves incredibly large portions of sushis and salads for a good price. Imagine half of the sushi as big as three fourths of your palm (it depends how big your palm is by the way)! And just half of it already made me burp so loud. 😂

Thumbs up!

– K

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