We arrived in Langkawi, Malaysia!

Famished upon arriving at about noon, we set off for Arts Cafe which is quite far from the ferry terminal but we still decided to walk it to explore the place more and we first landed on Eagle Square under the heat of the sun and then Legenda Park, an interestingly landscaped park for photo op.

After lunch, we took a cab to Tubotel where we stayed for one night. It is a room, or I might have to describe it accurately, a bed with a headboard inside a concrete tube. Clever. Oh, and it also has aircon. Your door is also your window.. with a curtain.

Tadah! This is our room!

It was a nice place, with wonderful staff, great breakfast, amazing sunrise, and peaceful view of the waters. It was quite a long walk to the centre of Langkawi so we just relaxed on the first day because why not? We had a tiring adventure along the way. See below, this is the sunrise I am talking about. Nice, right?

On our second day, we set out for Pulau Payar Marine Park to snorkel and swim with sharks… yes, you read it right, SHARKS!! Some of the big ones are over a metre in length and the friendly little ones that swim in the shallow waters are more or less about half a metre long. It is a nice experience! It makes you see that not all sharks are bad and you don’t have to be afraid. 

At night, we walked the whole length of the centre just to look for food and we ended up in this queued out Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant. We had big, meaty prawns for dinner! Ohlala!

And by the way, we checked in to our next hotel: Chenang Inn. We got a family room, which is the only available room they had at that time and it’s okay! We had like a double bed for each of us! Isn’t that great?! Anyway, I will continue with our adventures.
On our second day, since all scooters have been rented out, we went for a cab, which is also quite reasonably priced (lease for 4 hours + additional fee every hour), to take us anywhere we want to go in Langkawi.

First stop, Telaga Tujuh – Seven Wells Waterfalls!!! Warning: Before you can even reach the waterfalls, you have to hike a steep concrete path, so prepare your lungs and your feet! When we reached it… It was amazing! We went up to the pool up the rocks and had fun with other tourists there sliding on the smooth rocks and drowning in the waters!

Then we asked the cab driver to take us to the Black Sand Beach (well, not as black as I expected it to be but seeing it in black is already amazing). I would like to see the Pink Sand Beach too which is somewhere in the world. 😅

We were almost done with our four hours and we kinda don’t want to pay extra but who cares when you can rent a private jacuzzi in Ayer Hangat for an hour and enjoy the hot tub for yourselves? Much needed relaxation and treatment for stress! So, yes, we extended the cab for an hour because the travel back to the centre is also quite long. It was worth the travel, though!

We then checked in to our last hotel for the trip and the best so far, Fint Hus. It has a pool we never used and friendly and accomodating staff. The room is nice. You know why they are the best? They left us with Ferrero Rocher chocolates on the bed! 😍🍫

The best part of the trip is the last night. Because it was NEW YEAR’s EVE!! We went to the beach, bought paper lanterns, wrote lots of things on it and flew them up to the sky while fireworks are popping and everybody dancing and kissing and having fun! It was a very good, adventurous end of our year and hoping for more travels together!

I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you got some cues when you travel to Langkawi! Bye for now!

– K