Who says Bintan, Indonesia is a crappy place?

Honestly, I have heard lots of people talking about Bintan like it is a very ugly place, or that it is one of the worst. Looking at the map, Bintan is quite a huge island so they are probably talking about the centre, right? The “city” or where the life of the island is. No, they are wrong. Sometimes, the “life” of the island is not where people flock, but where people find peace, one with the place, one with nature. 

Kenny and I do lots of research before we go to a trip. We find the best locations to be and the things we can do. Since we don’t want to experience the “crap” they were talking about, we looked for a nice place where we can do loads of things…
And we found De Bintan Villa.


It is a Villa situated outside the eco-tourism zone and inside the “jungle” as what I call it, remotely built on a hill, which they claim as a better location to be because the land and taxes are cheaper and they are the first to build, soon enough, investors and builders will come and invade the place as well, which I think is true enough.

We were picked up from the ferry terminal by their friendly staff, not that excellent in English but is learning and trying to speak the language, which is good. He discussed with us what we can do at the villa and where we can go.

We reached the place, and were entertained by their lovely receptionists, dinner was served and we were ushered up to our highly situated room. It was an awesome place to be! I will tell you why.

On our first day, we went out around the villa and see what they have in it and checked their Sky View Tower high enough to see what’s in Bintan. And guess what? We didn’t see anything! Anything but trees, mountains and the sea! Nothing else! So where is the “crap” when nature is the best place to be?

In the afternoon, we asked them to bring us to Lagoi beach.

Lagoi is beautiful! White, fine sand, resorts and food and shopping centres were well built quite far from the shore and well designed as well. The funny thing is, there are no tourists around. Prolly a few hiding somewhere in that wide expanse of beach, but I wasn’t able to see any, really. The only people there were locals, muslims on their little seaside picnic with their families so it is actually quite awkward to swim with only your two-piece on. 😅 The properties near the beach were nicely landscaped like you were inside a resort but you weren’t. And we saw these wonderfully designed vehicles for touring around. 

We hung around the place a little bit longer and decided to move and do something else since we have different facilities in the villa that we can use for free.

At evening time after dinner, we went up the hill again to their billiard cottage with our beers and played all night long. We even saw a snake!


The next morning, we decided to use the cute pool that they have. We also thought that we will just stay in the villa rather than go to the city centre and be disappointed.

So we did Flying Fox Zipline and Rubber Tapping, wonderful experience of producing your rubber from a tree! We also went cycling around the whole villa, including the areas that are idle and under construction. It was a huge place!


At the end of the day, we were sent to the ferry terminal by their guy and we concluded that we both had a nice time in Bintan. And that Bintan is not a crappy place. You just have to learn to look deeper into the island and explore what people don’t normally explore. There are hidden treasures inside those jungles.
By the way, for S$115 dollars a night, we had all wonderful meals and most of the facilities for free, and of course a lovely room! Check out their website De Bintan Villa if you want to learn more. 😊

– K