This is not really in the plan. It was included last minute because we wanted a cheap trip to Langkawi but we also wanted to have a little adventure first before relaxing. So here comes Penang!

Penang is know for it’s amazing streets, the information centre can even give you a map of their Fantastic-Street-Arts-and-Where-To-Find-Them. We didn’t find them all, though. We simply roamed around Georgetown and let the street arts find us. They are not ordinary by the way. They are history, which makes them more interesting.

Another sample for you along Love Lane.

I can play with all the arts all day long!

“Can you please open the door Mister? I’ve been knocking here since 6am!”

And we will be willing to queue no matter how long it might take us..

Can someone tell this kid to get off the bike? It’s dangerous!

Okay, enough. I have shown you quite a lot. You better go to Penang to see all of them! They’re so cool! Before I proceed, let’s first have a giant serving of CENDOL! My favorite dessert. 😋 This is Wonderfood Museum where you can see the local delicacies in a bigger picture like…literally.

We also went into the beautiful Pinang Peranakan Mansion where you will be briefed about the lifestyle, customs, and traditions of a rich Baba during the old times. Just wow!

Look at this lovely chair.. Oh! I can sit here with my love all day long! This chair was used by couples so they can chat nicely and meet eye to eye while holding each other’s hands.

A mansion filled with antiques, with gold, with wealth, with characteristics carefully thought through, with stories from the past which they persevere to preserve and maintain for probably the coming hundred years or more because they are memories and treasures worth keeping forever.

There’s too many things to see in here, it is huge! You can spend one day just admiring every little detail they put in it and imagining every effort the people from yesteryears have alloted just to build and carry on conserving this expensive thing up.
Finally, we went to the beach in Batu Feringghi to end our successful adventure in Penang and chill for the night since we had a very, very productive day I must say, and then we had to leave early morning for the ferry to Langkawi. Aah! What a delightful trip it is! Thank you, Penang!

See you soon, Langkawi! 😘

– K