A trip to Malaysia from Singapore is cheap and easy. Take a bus up north and you will already be in a different country. There are several bus terminals from the Little Red Dot that travels to different parts of MY, one of which is Malacca (Melaka).

It is about a 5-hour bus ride, so leave early because you can actually go around Malacca in one day and be able to see most of it, like what we did, though it was a big challenge for us because we were dropped off at a different terminal, not at the central terminal so we WALKED about 3km to get to the main city (because we were backpacking and backpackers don’t spend money on cabs). Silly of us not to check the drop off first before booking.

Malacca has stunning views and artistic buildings and streets. It is a simple city yet astonishingly marvellous where each step you make takes you to something surprisingly new and colorful.

I fell in love with this place to be honest. And I swear I will come back here to once again see the things that I haven’t taken enough time to look at, and I will surely spend more time staring at everything in glee!

Each corner is full of culture & history combined with modern scheme that calls tourists to visit it.

Such history where these lotus shoes for the lotus feet came from. A shop called Bound Feet in Jonker Street, Malacca will tell you more… the owner claimed that they are the last store making lotus shoes, the business was started by his great grandfather and was passed on from generation to generation. I cringe everytime I see the shoes because it reminds me of the story of a dark past for Chinese women who were made to believe that small feet defines beauty. You can read more about it here.

Malacca is full of beauty in every turn, full of life and wonder. Full of antiques, unique buildings, historical sites, colorful graffiti and good food as well!

It was indeed a very fruitful and exhilarating stop for our northbound journey! A few hours in it is enough to make me enjoy the things this little city has to offer.

Oh, and when you go for something to eat, try The Daily Fix Cafe and for dessert, Nadeje! They are awesome! 😋

Here goes Malacca! Next stop: Penang, MY!

– K