This story has been long-overdue. And I am going to give you a glimpse of my El Nido experience now (which I should’ve done more than half a year ago 😅)!

So I told Kenny to surprise me. And he did!

From Spin where we spent our first night in El Nido, we were picked up by these young men at noon in front of the hostel (I may have forgotten their names, but not how they made us feel)!

All smiles, they took us to their wonderful, unique tricycle (which we were able to use whenever and wherever we wanted to go) and we flew, not literally though, to Aeta’s Glamping site while telling us about tour packages and El Nido itself, the spots we should visit and things we should do.

We arrived at their cutesy, little “lobby” where the owner, Elena Dunn, briefed us about what to expect during our stay. We were both awed by all the staff’s friendliness, jolliness, hospitality, warm welcome, and of course, their excellent service!

There are five huts with tribe names (actual tribes in Palawan), mountains and rice fields beside the location, wonderful people, delicious foods, the stay was absolutely amazing! We were served with welcome snacks in our Tribe Hut called Batak.

We were assisted to our hut with all prepared organic products, the short summary of where our tribe hut name came from, an awesome tent in a bamboo house with a comfortable double bed in it. Indeed glamorous. The room doesn’t have any aircon (there is no aircon in a camping site so don’t expect 😂), but you can unzip the windows, and voila! You have natural cooler produced by the mountains and trees! (They do have an electric fan, don’t worry.)

Welcome to their incredible shower room! So unique!

We were served with sumptuous breakfasts and delectable snacks in the afternoon with little chit chats with whoever brought the food to our humble hut. We were ushered very well and we didn’t feel like we were guests or how they address us, glampers, we were treated as family. 😍

Mouth-watering, right?

They have daily activities in the glamping site as recreational pastimes for the glampers and staff which we weren’t able to try. They have little shows and presentations for the guests to entertain them and thank them before they leave the site, little send off surprises. Plus they have an accomodating little man, Liam, who entertained us throughout our stay!

They connect. They communicate. They accept. I have been looking for the best place to stay and rates each hotel I have been to. Honestly, I have rated an accomodation with 10/10 already. Are you curious about Aeta’s Glamping El Nido‘s rate? It is an astounding 15/10! The whole stay exceeded my expectations! Amazing customer service, perfect team, lovely people and location. So far, I only have one place in mind that I will surely go back to… It was indeed the best surprise Kenny has ever prepared for me. And it always will be.. 😊

P.S. They have always won the five stars of every guests. Check them out here: