So.. There is another ongoing Kult Gallery Art Exhibition called Choking Hazard in which destroyed and unused toys were recreated by artists to bring them back to life simply by using their imagination and creativity. And once again, different artists made the event successful by submitting their own entries.

This piece…

is Kenny’s. Remember my blog about Champagne Supernova, his first artwork displayed in the same gallery? Well, now, this is the second! It is called The Best Laid Plans!

The event started on 17 February, 2017 and will close on 18 March, 2017 so those who wanted to see the artworks will still have time to view them, and prolly buy them! 

Having Kenny’s piece on display is already overwhelming for both of us. Although it would still be better if someone would buy his art! It is a favorite during the opening of the event. I hope someone would take it! Help me pray for it, guys. 😊
– K