As promised, I will post about the place where we stayed in Phuket, Thailand for our first night (though it is actually in the southern part of Phuket, far from the airport to be honest.).

Vivi Bungalows Resort!

Located in Nai Harn Beach, this is a cheap place to stay in but when it comes to quality and service, this is outstanding! Receptionists are friendly and approachable even though they can’t speak English that well. Secure, comfortable… the central area might be small but don’t worry about the rooms… they ate all the space so you will live pretty satisfied in them.

Clean, spacious, simple and elegant.

With your own little kitchen…

And a spacious comfort room, too! (Which I wasn’t able to take a proper picture)

So why do I recommend it? Because it has made our trip as wonderful as it could be. Easy, and fast transactions, honest and kind staff members. 😊

That’s Vivi. 👍

– K