Last stop: Phuket Old Town, Thailand 

So after the dive and the ferry travel, we took a minibus to our hotel, The Memory at On On.

Vintage beauty! This hotel has a very nice lobby and entrance and the place was simply classy, cozy and attractive.

Do you see what I am talking about? 😍

We actually did nothing much in Phuket Old Town but walked around and cafe hopped and tried to bar hop but there is not much “life” in there which is quite good for me because after all the noise and the activities we did for the past days, we badly needed some peace. 😊 

So scroll down and take a look at the photos we took!

This one below is the beautiful street of Thalang Road with it’s buildings colorfully lit.

And this is one little street connected to Thalang Road which is so gorgeous, Soi Romanee!

More. Scroll down some more. 😊

This bright building up here is just in front of our wonderful hotel. Amazing!
There are a lot more but then it is difficult to share everything.

So let me go to the stuff we did there. Just food. Nom!

1.) Kopitiam By Wilai

2.) Crafts & Co.

3.) Macchiato House and Cakebox

4.) Eleven Two & Co.

5.) Bookhemian Coffee Bar, Bookstore, Artspace

So those are the things we did in Phuket Old Town and that summarizes our trip to Thailand!

It was an awesome experience and I hope these things I posted would be of help to you when you travel to Thailand. Well, there is not much information I shared though but at least you get some ideas. 😂
Going to post the next trip we had soon! 😊
– K