Journey started in: Phuket, Thailand. 

Weather was warm and sunny, it was a fine day when I arrived. We bought tickets for a minibus that took us to our booked hotel in the Southern part of Phuket (well, the driver didn’t really dropped us to our hotel, there was a miscommunication that happened… or probably part of their scheme).

I will tell you what happened: The driver informed us, the passengers, that we will stop by a travel agency (which I think was somehow the minibus’s company) for our hotel details. So we went down from the bus, went in the agency, and gave our hotel locations. And suddenly they told us that our hotel location was too far from the end point of the trip and they can’t take us there. Kenny argued that it was the ticketing staff that instructed us where to go and what trip to ride so technically it wasn’t our fault why we were riding on the wrong minibus. They told us that it’s either they take us back to the airport or that we have to pay extra so the driver would drop us to our hotel. We didn’t agree so we just asked them to drop us at the end point and we will find our own way. The agent seemed disappointed while the rude driver looked fiercer and unapologetic. (This is one of the scams “normal” to Phuket which, as much as possible we don’t want to encounter, unfortunately, we did. So be careful and be alert if you are to travel there.) 😒

We alighted at Karon Beach, and instead of complaining about our misfortune, we chose to enjoy the beach that hypnotized us to stop by and feel the waters. 😍 We had our lunch in a beachside restaurant. The view from where the restaurant stood was amazingly beautiful but I don’t know what’s wrong with the people we encounter. In the restaurant, the waitresses can’t seem to wait for our order. They come to us literally every minute to ask us for our order. Not long after, a big Thai man came to us (he could either be the manager or the boss) without smiling and asked for our order. We said we’re not ready to order yet. And here came another waitress just after him to ask us the same question and we told them we will call them if we are ready (considering we haven’t had our chairs heating up just yet). The big Thai man looked at us for a long time after we shooed the last waitress away. My opinion: Customer Service in Phuket is bad (you can’t blame me for experiencing such). And we ended up rushing to order just because of how they treated us. 😡

Another problem we faced was that drivers seemed to push us to ride a “tuk-tuk” and drop us to our hotel (which we rejected a few times because they were expensive) and they got annoyed to the point that they shouted at us saying that it is the standard price (just because we don’t want to take them). Bad CS number three. It took us, I guess, more than an hour to finally get a metered taxi which cost 210 THB compared to the 400-500 THB the tuk-tuk drivers told us. 😧

BUT… there are good things still. The taxi driver was kind enough to somehow relieve us from those headaches though he doesn’t speak good English so we took his calling card. And the hotel was just PERFECT! 👍👍👍 (I will blog about the hotel separately so as to shorten this post and give the hotel its own highlight for everyone to read.)

From the hotel, we rented a scooter (because it is the cheapest way to go) and chased this sunset in Phromthep Cape, the tip of Phuket.

Beautiful isn’t it? But after getting several pokes from mosquitoes (YES, please purchase a mosquito repellant when you travel to Thailand, you’re welcome) we looked for the best place to have dinner. 

Thailand got a lot of Westernized restaurants to cater tourists (maybe) in case they don’t know what to eat, or are not adventurous with Thai food, or want an easy option for a bite. We went into a pizza place called Da Vinci Italian Restaurant (and I won’t blog about it because it is so common) and soon after dinner, we hit the road (from Nai Harn to Karon to Kata) to find a good bar where we could chill. CS: very good! Crew: Thai 👍👍

We saw this colorfully lit place, during our bar-hunt-evening-trip, called Palm Square where we saw a duo performing (mind you, they are Filipinos and they are good, really). We stayed there for a bottle of beer, listened to a few songs and went back on the track to find a lively one. CS: good, Crew: Filipina. 👍

Then we found ourselves sitting in a bar called Two Chefs and encountered another bad customer service, crews are not smiling and definitely impatient.

We were supposed to go home after another beer there but we really wanted some life! So we hit the road yet again and tried every street. But we found none (it is low season by the way).

Midnight, we didn’t stop looking and we found ourselves in a ladyboy bar near our hotel called Slumber Inn in Nai Harn just because we wanted to try something new. Most ladyboy bars are dead, there were not much customers and the girls and ladyboys were looking bored and penniless for the night. After another beer, that was the time we went back to the hotel and rested, we had a tiring day.

Quite an experience for the first day. It was in a way fun, the place is awesome and I had a good time. 😊 Yes, I did.

Disclosure: Everytime we talked to a local, the very first thing I had to say was, “I am not Thai.” Yes, literally every Thai person we encountered thought I was one of them, talked to me in their language that made me take refuge in Kenny’s back. 😧

– K