We spent a day roaming around the streets of Phuket Old Town, Phuket, Thailand and checked on every single Tripadvisor‘s suggestions and top 10 restaurants we could find close to where we are currently staying. And so we stumbled upon Eleven Two & Co.

This photo above is their Spicy Thai Pork Quesadilla and we asked for it to be less spicy.

One slice and it burned our mouth! It was like I was eating flames! We finished it though because it was really very good, tasty and delicious but I thought they couldn’t really make it “less spicy”, I was thinking it was marinated to be really spicy and they can’t do anything to make it less hot. When the staff came and cleared our plate, we told her about the food experience and she confirmed the kitchen people have made it “less spicy”. I was in total shock at how could it have been if the food was served the way it is!

Anyway, this is one fun food experience and I would gladly share it to you. Spicy food lovers, you must go for this! 😊