You would probably agree that dad and father means exactly the same. A Dad is a Father and a Father is a Dad. Simple. Right? …. Or maybe not. Because for me, yes, technically and literally speaking, they are the same thing but taking a look at a deeper level, they are totally different. For me.

If you have watched the movie Daddy’s Home, you would better understand what I’m saying here. It is a story about a man who married (yeah, I think they got married…or not) a woman with two kids and was trying his best to get the children to love him as their own daddy. Then suddenly, the biological father came home and tried to win his family back. The competition on proving who should rightfully be called as the “head of the family” between the two men grew.. And I don’t want to tell you how it ended, you better watch it if you haven’t yet.


Photo: Daddy’s Home movie

Where am I going? The difference is this: A DAD, for me, is the person who stood by you, who provided all your needs and who claimed all the responsibility of protecting you, guiding you, and raising you as his child, whether you are related by blood or not.

While a FATHER, is nothing but the reason for your existence (in short, the sperm donor).

It is Father’s Day soon enough. And I salute all fathers who have been real dads to their kids.

I don’t have a dad. I had a father. But that doesn’t mean he was never a dad to me. He was. He just lost his way. And that prevented him from becoming a dad to me in the present. But then again, I was daddy’s girl for as long as I can remember. And no matter how I deny, he is still my father, the reason for my existence. I owe him my life.

And in defense of those fathers who have lost their ways (whether they wanted to or they had no choice), I tell you people that no matter how bad your father has become, no matter how from a “dad” he got demoted to just a “father”, no matter how he has never been a dad to you since the beginning, he is still your blood. And forever he will be. And forever you owe him your life. Be grateful to him, no matter how pained and angry you are, even just for a day, be thankful for a father who has given you life in this beautiful world.

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Fathers out there! I wish you all good health and longer lives… and clearer minds… and more loving hearts. 😊

– K