Timezone games beat the hell out of me and sucked all my energy after throwing balls at evil clowns, grabbing stuffed toys (in which I was never able to win one), hammering to the point of concentrating all my chakra (from my arms flowing to the hammer), and stomping on the exhausting dance machine. Again… my tummy grumbled.

So Kenny and I went to Marché, took our cards, found our seats, drank some fruit juices (watermelon for me and orange for him), and roamed around to look for some mouth-watering edibles. We stopped at this crêpe stall and we found ourselves ordering this food below:


Smoked Salmon Crêpe!! It looks delicious right? IT REALLY IS DELICIOUS by the way. It doesn’t even taste like salmon and the sauce complements it. This was a totally big, big serving that this plate got us both full and satisfied. Oh, and I love those crunchy cherry tomatoes on the side. They are perfect! 👍👌

– K