Singapore is just too warm to handle during sunny days. An ice cold coffee or any drink for that matter wouldn’t ease the sweat and relieve your burning skin. A shower isn’t enough because the moment you get dressed, you get your bits of sweat back. And there’s aircon! Hah! You can’t stay in your room forever (plus the bill, don’t forget)!

So we chose to go out and enjoy the day in the cool climate of shopping centres. But then… it suddenly rained. And it is still warm, though. But the temperature in the mall was decreasing. Then I hugged myself even though I have my cardigan on. And here came hunger. Cold plus grumbling tummy equals noodle soup.

Tadah! We ate a bowl of Hot Pot Noodle. Fire under freshly combined ingredients in a bowl (eggs, mustard greens, pork and liver, fish cake) and a separate bowl of noodle and fried dumpling. Absolutely delicious and cheap and worth it! So Shiok! 😂

– K