Let me get straight to the point. Age doesn’t matter they say… and while it doesn’t, somehow… IT DOES (not in a negative connotation though).

I’ve been into relationships with guys a bit younger than me, with the same age as mine, and with those who are a bit older… but this time I tried dating a guy a decade older than me.

1. You will be treated as a baby.
Girls have their real soft side and sometimes wanted “some” care and attention which you can get from an older dude every single time you are together compared when you are currently dating a guy younger than you in which you are actually the more matured one and you have to “baby” him instead.

2. And talking about maturity…
He knows what you are up to, what you need, what you want, what you mean to say, what you think, what you’ve experienced, what you might ask for someday… you know, part of the “been-there-done-that” thing.

3. You are with a good and smart company.
Since he is quite advanced with age, he’s definitely done a lot of things and went through tons of mistakes. Experience wise, he has it. He knows a lot… A LOT. There’s much to learn from him about everything, life, love, places, politics… anything. I swear.

4. He is absolutely sincere and open with his emotions.
When he says it, he means it. He’s not the type of guy who would go around the bush and please you with words. He tells you what he feels, he wants you, he’s crazy for you, especially when he’s serious about you. He tells you when he’s  mad, angry or disappointed, no need to ask. And he still keeps his cool (because he probably took anger management thingy 😂 ) and he doesn’t keep his grudges for too long. Everything must be talked about at once.

5. You have a father, a brother, a drinking buddy, a teacher, a bestfriend in one body.
Yes, he does the “sermon” when you did something wrong and he protects you like a brother would do. When you’re down and sad, expect either a cuddle or a bottle of beer (whichever you prefer). He tells you things you don’t want to learn but you will because you have no choice and he will watch over you. And the best thing? You can open up just anything. He will absolutely listen to you.

6. Futuristic.
You want someone who thinks about tomorrow but doesn’t worry about tomorrow? Get an older dude. Savings, investments, plans, business, he knows it, he has it. And when you think about settling down, he’s the guy. He probably had the time of his single life and he would definitely want a family for himself. So stick to him and if he is damn serious about you, he’ll put a ring on it.

So age doesn’t matter (who cares if he’s a decade older?) but somehow it does… When you think about it, older dudes have all that you want and all that you need (attention, care, learnings, security, assurance, etc.) so why not go for someone who makes you feel you can have everything without having to worry, right? Just choose the right guy and don’t go for just anyone out there.


This experience that I took is one of those I consider good risks. Sometimes, you have to get out of your shell and explore the world and do things you haven’t done. 😁 ‘Bout you?

– K