What do you see in this picture?

If you’ll ask me, I see LIFE playing. By the time you step on the pedals, time ticks and your life starts moving. If you stop because you are tired or you think you’re going nowhere, or you think you’re going the wrong way, the clock never stops ticking but you’ll be stuck from where you stopped. You can always go back to the place where you started. But the roads you passed before won’t change. It would be easy going back, hassle free, and you perfectly know the way. But by the time you reached that old place where you began, everyone you met there is gone, the place is the same but only the memories were left.

So whenever you get tired of moving and stepping on the pedals, stop for just one moment, breathe, rest for a while, and get challenged by the next roads awaiting you ahead. Because in front of you, there are more people to meet, new places to see, new adventure to behold and new memories to make. Everything ahead can’t be predicted but that’s how our life is. So we better look forward and see what lies a few blocks away, get excited and whenever humps trick us and get us outbalanced, hold tight and step harder. Just fight. The humps and rocks would soon end. Patience and trust in yourself is needed during these times. Don’t lose them. And then maybe… just maybe… you’ll bump into someone who would make your ride a more meaningful one and join you with the journey you’ve been taking.

So, let me ask you… what do you see?

– K