Since the start of the year, I thought about summarizing each month in one word.

January is CHALLENGE
February is BLESSINGS
March is FUN

And at the end of March, I am already eagerly waiting for April’s surprise for me. Then came April Fool’s Day, a very memorable day for me (kinda depressing to still have this date on the calendar).

So I had this idea that maybe I can drink and have a good time at home with my Prosecco. This month, April, has been quite unfriendly and I don’t know how to deal with the hostility it showed me so I can’t say this month is kind of motivating or daring or something that makes me wanna fight and face it like I can tame it. Some of the days are fun and too enjoyable to be ignored and taken for granted as I make my summary. So I am still thinking and waiting for this month to end… contemplating very well on what weighed the more, the positive side, or the negative side.

And at the end of this month, I am foreseeing a not so good April to me…

My bestfriend’s getting married.


Toast! 😪

– K