The majority of the people who would see this blog is absolutely from different parts of the world so let me introduce to you one of the best Filipino dishes that you may try when you, by any chance, found a simple Filipino restaurant, “turo-turo” or “carinderia”  as we call it, in your own countries or when you travel to the Philippines. You can definitely find one “kainan” (eatery) that sells this anywhere in our country.

Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew) is a beef soup dish which originated from Southern Luzon. They use beef shank and beef bone marrow as its main ingredient and the rest depends on the person cooking it. They can add cabbage, or mustard, or sweet corn to add color to the soup. It is cooked until most of the fats have melted in the clear broth and do you want to know why this dish is so special? It is because of the yummiest part… The best part of it is the marrow. 👌

So go ye and find a restaurant that serves authentic Filipino dish and get a taste of the best of the Philippines and enjoy being a Filipino for a moment and ignore diet and cholesterol content just because, most of the time, we people restrict the best things in life. It’s okay to satisfy our cravings once in a while, you know.

I had a big bowl of it last night, I travelled a good distance to the Filipino Cuisine stall in a food court at Jurong MRT, which I think is the only place that sells this here in Singapore, just to get a sip of this soup and I felt like I am back home. I don’t care about the fats. I can remove them from my body anytime I want to. For that moment, I only wanted to feel the Filipino blood in me still running strong and alive. 😁 And bulalo gave me the kick I needed!

– K