And here comes another wave of uneasiness. Not the usual feeling I feel whenever overthinking strikes. It is something inexplicable.

It’s like I don’t feel anything. It is like I am numb but I know I should be feeling something. Sad at least, but no. I don’t know why. I can’t weigh my emotions right now. And even if I can talk to someone about it, I wouldn’t know how to describe it.

I had too much sweets today, maybe that’s it. That’s the cause of it. And coffee. If only K‘s here (not me, but another K… hmm, let me name him K2), he would push me to look at the brighter side and stop overthinking and calm myself to avoid getting stressed again and avoid palpitations. But he’s not. So yeah, I have to push myself for the moment.


Sorry for this non sense. #releasingagain

– K