T’was again the third of the fourth month
He has never ever celebrated with her.
He is too far away to even blow
The candle on the cupcake she prepared.

When she was already aware
That he was living far, far away,
She already can’t recall
The last time he was with her.

Still she prepares cupcakes and candles
And calls him to say the warmest love
How she was the one blowing out
And wishing he’d soon be back.

Many years passed and he didn’t showed
Too many years and all she had known
That his presence is slowly going away
And he drift off and maybe, forgot about her.

This little girl who longed to be with him,
This little girl cried herself to sleep.
This little girl grew up to be a tough one
‘Cause she has no one to protect her from harm.

As strong as she can be, she fought.
The battles ahead she can easily win.
And nobody dared to make her cry
Because her power lies within her smile.

But every third of the fourth month,
She’d go to the church to thank God
For all His blessings and all His guidance
That she still manages to live her life.

During those times, she’ll lose the smile
And you can see the tears in her eyes.
It was again the time to blow out the candle.
But she felt like she had blown him away.

She can’t control and tears rolled down.
And she has no hanky, she has no one.
For a day she was lost, she can’t find
The half of herself was already gone.

As much as she wants to stop herself
From thinking and crying once a year
There’s nothing she can do, she is still
Waiting for him, she’s still that little girl.

And for the years to come and more of the third,
And more of the fourth month to pass.
She will still go to church and thank God
And pray for him wherever he was.

At twenty-five, she is still lost.
She still can’t find herself.
Once a year all she wish,
Was her heart to be at peace.


“A father holds his daughter’s hand for a short while, but holds her heart forever.”