The clock ticks at one. I have been reading and browsing the newspaper over and over again since this morning. Took naps, too.

I hear buses and cars outside. I have been sitting in my corner listening to the sound of the fan, the air slightly blowing my hair, the little sounds from the flat up the roof, the cute chirping of the birds… and the loud noise in my head banging away my sanity. Again.


I am again into the open sea of thoughts about the world, about the people, about me. The clock is ticking so slow and boring and I can’t help but explore about the possibilities of colliding with a different way of life. It looks like I am just waiting for two o’clock, but maybe, I am waiting for something, or someone rather, to make a move and get me high again because I am in deep sea level. I am fighting the thought of me being wanted or me being purposely ignored. I am trying to erase the urge to go and type a few words that would mean something but is it going to be worth the try? I am convincing myself to wait until next month ends so I can finally decide but isn’t that time too long?

There’s a lot of things running in here but there is one thing I am so sure that keeps returning and returning everytime the hands of my watch move. There is not an empty minute. Not a second wasted for that.

So maybe…

Nah, I’ll take a nap. I’ll erase those few words I invented in my head. I won’t type and I won’t hit the send button.

This doesn’t make any sense to you, I know. It doesn’t make any sense to me, too. But I guess, overthinking starts to tire my brain cells up again so I gotta release.

– K