Time flies so fast. Look. It has been 10 years, Hannah Montana.

I am not a fan of the series or episode, or whatever you call it, that they play on TV. I am a fan of Hannah Montana The Movie because it has a story. Dreams, family, relationship, life.

I love the songs… what struck me most, and still has an impact on me whenever I play it, was the song Butterfly Fly Away.

Every night when she was young his dad would tell her about the caterpillar. So she made a song about it, about his dad, about her. It was a very meaningful song.

Plus, Taylor Swift had an appearance as one of the guest singers in their fund raising activity to save Crow Meadows from being conquered by industrialization.

So there, I ended up watching the movie again and cried over it again. I just missed it.


“Life is a climb. But the view is great.” – Travis