And here comes another mee (noodle)!

It’s called Fish Fillet Bee Hoon. Unlike our usual bihon in PH which is very thin and fragile, this bee hoon is looking more like that of spaghetti. Anyways, it is still a good food to try. First, the noodle is submerged to a continuously boiling water for a few minutes before being mixed with its somewhat milky soup, then topped with fresh tomatoes, the fried fish fillet, and lettuce all at once before being served. The lettuce will immediately be cooked by the hot soup of it so you better devour it before it gets overdone just like what happened to my food above for the sake of taking a picture of it. Haha!

You can barely see rice in a Chinese stall. They’re into noodles, we all know that. And I have to try them all! 😂 Noodle Quest in on again. What’s next?

– K