After Ramen, after Pork Rib noodles, now, here’s what I was craving for… BAN MIAN!!

Thick, flat, white noodles, some greens and anchovy in it, fried garlic, chopped, and unbeaten raw egg dunked in the soup before being served, ah! Needless to say, it is one of the best tasting noodles in Singapore. With fried dumplings as add-ons in mild fish sauce and ginger, you’ll have the loudest burp in town out of satisfaction! 😂

It is so hard to finish this bowl alone but I did! Haha. Their Ban Mian serving is good for two people. God. No wonder I am chubby. I eat a lot. 😉

A big bowl of goodness for a large, hungry stomach… thumbs up! Satiated.

Join me in my Noodle Quest! 🍜 👍

– K