Kelly Clarkson, who is pregnant but still pretty, came back to American Idol for a performance and she sang her single Piece by Piece for the final season of the said show where she has been chosen as the first season’s grand winner.

It was emotional, heartbreaking, painful, every word is a strike on the heart, yet it was a song of hope and faith being built up once again.

I got so affected because a part of it was my song, I mean, it was my story, too. It brought me to tears. From the first note to the last, goosebumps never left my skin. A powerful, meaningful, wonderful song that a girl like me, like her, can relate to. I can’t describe it more. It was… a song made from the scars of the heart, made from the love she is now receiving, made from the past, made for the future.

I posted it so if you haven’t seen it yet, here you go, but get some tissues first. ‘Kay?

– K