I took a nap this afternoon and knowing it would simply be a light sleep, I never thought that I would be bothered by a dream.

I was somewhere in our neighborhood in the province, darkness is starting to cover us up when I noticed the sunset at West. There is this still visible full moon but is starting to fade. Then I looked above me, I saw a very bright full moon. I blinked and looked at both moons and they’re not my imagination. Obsessed with moon, I was in awe and in shock, so I called my mom to take a look at that amazing view. As soon as she came to me, like it wasn’t meant for her to see, the sunset suddenly gets fastforwarded, clouds, orange and yellow colors covered the fading moon immediately as we watch it like a movie moving so fast and so beautiful. My mom asked where it was and I simply answered to just wait for the clouds to disperse.. But my hopes fell apart when darkness started to invade the West.

A few seconds after, I noticed something by the Northwest side. I tapped my mom and pointed to the circle thing, grayish brown at first then it seems like getting bigger and colored. Mom said it was a planet. Blue and green colors showed up on its surface and it felt like I was looking at the Earth. It came closer. I walked to it. At the spur of my instinct, I jumped and reached to it, then I realized I was like holding a flying robot toy, the green color is its light, it is not perfectly round, more like ultraman’s head. I asked mom, ‘is this a UFO?’ She answered maybe. As curious as I can be, I saw an opening by one area and opened it. Then a few robotic creatures with tentacles peeked their circle heads out. They walk fast, and afraid that they might run on my skin, I dropped the vehicle on a table, the door opened wider and a lot more creatures came out and moved away from their vehicle. I ran away and looked at it from a hiding place.

And I was awakened, my heart thumping. What could it mean? Any dream interpreter around? 😰

– K