I lost my words.
You have all there is to say.

Then I found something to say.

And you stopped speaking.

I said enough.

You nodded.

And there it goes.

It flew up high.

It went to the skies.

Goodbye to us.

I lost my move.
You have all the will to act.

I said do it because I can’t.

And you did.

You moved away.

And I was left behind.

There you go now.

Far from where I stand.

Cold and frozen.

Wounded, in pain.

All I want is you telling me things
That secured me from within.
That I never have to fear
Because you will stay forever.

All I want is you taking action.
To keep me where I belong.
But everytime I say goodbye,
You let me go and push me away.

All I want is you to be aware,
The difference of what I say
From what I was thinking,
From what you see me doing.

All I want is you showing me
The things I used to know.
Not the things that can’t be
But the things that was before.

– K