I became obsessed with my have-been-long-silently-sleeping dream to become rich when it started to peek from my inner self again a few months ago the very moment I flipped the first page of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. And he said there that we should invest in education because that is something we can keep for a lifetime. So I continued reading through his second book Rich Dad’s The Cashflow Quadrant and eventually the third book Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing. It was too complicated for me because first, I hate Economics and Accounting, second, I don’t have any Finance background and third, I hated numbers. But his words were far too powerful to be disheartened. I told myself, This is my key to my dream, so let’s get it on!

And so my eagerness to learn started. When he and his friends from Masters of Wealth organized by Success Resources visited Singapore last Nov. 29, 2015, I and my friends attended the seminar because I really wanted to learn more.


Then came a low point. I was losing my grip because I suddenly realized, how on earth will I start when I don’t have a rich dad guiding my way? Kiyosaki and his bestfriend started learning at nine while I am already almost triple their age now and is just about start?

I told my ate (sister) about what I felt and she just smiled and said, “It is because Kiyosaki is basing his learnings from the US economy and market. Here, listen to Aya Laraya, and join the The Global Filipino Investors on Facebook so you can start learning from Philippine Economy and stock market. There are other beginner investors like us. You don’t need to be as active as them, just read and read from their conversations and you will learn bit by bit.”

And the fire in me grew again. I joined the forum, I signed up to newsletters, I read the blogs they post in the group, news, information, motivational quotes they make, question and answer portions, and everything as long as I have extra time. I put an effort to reading something everyday, two or three updates. It helps because I learn more about the Philippine stocks which is what I am about to enter. And so this is a good preparation I believe. I don’t want to gamble in there, I want to get rich, not fast, but slowly and surely.

Then I got to this thought one night, is it all just about money? Isn’t it that simplier life is happier? What if it looks more like greed for money now instead of primarily reaching my goals? What if I get lost and worship money when I step on to success? How will I get back to myself? How am I going to control the deepest fear of being conquered by greed?

Again, I talked to my ate about it. And fortunately, she got me a good answer ready. “Have you read about Bo Sanchez and Truly Rich Club?” I answered no. Then she showed me a video about the guy and his goals. “He was the one who taught his maids about stock market, get them into it and now, they are all rich.”

I was in awe, goosebumps all over me after I watched the clip and testimonials of his servants. The best thing about it is that he is a Christian preacher. He combined his eagerness to get rich to be able to give and his faith to be able to serve.

I saw this as an eye-opener for me and for all of us. You will be blessed the more if you became a blessing to others. I thought that it is impossible to be rich and serve God at the same time. Now, it gave me a better purpose in life: to continue pursuing my goal to get rich so that I can give because as Bro. Bo Sanchez has put it in one of his teachings, You can’t give what you don’t have.


Photo: Screencaptured from Bo’s website.

Now I have a dream that became a GOAL which is to become rich, a PURPOSE to give out whatever I will earn, and FAITH that will keep me blessed so I can become a blessing to others.

You can be one, too. 😉

– K