This goes to all boys, guys and men out there. I hope y’all think the same way as I am, as I wish I was a one of you…

If I were a boy,
   I will hug you tight, treat you right
   Give you all my love, attention and time
   You are priority, first on my list
   You will never feel alone
   I will not take you for granted
   I will make you feel loved
   Every second of our lives.

If I were a boy,
   I will understand your mood swings
   Accept your flaws and imperfections
   Lift you up from your insecurities
   And I will shower you with kisses
   Bring you lots of embraces
   I will offer you my heart
   I promise we will never be apart.

If I were a boy,
   I can be your shoulder to lean on
   I will listen to you whenever you speak
   Tap your back when you’re down
   I will be your knight
   Pull you by my side
   Tell you I’m always here
   And we’ll conquer everything.

If I were a boy,
   I’ll stay silent when you are mad
   I won’t talk when you are angry
   I will do my very best to understand
   That you are weak at times
   And I’m here to be your strength
   I will make you smile
   Let the troubles fade away.

If I were a boy,
   I will give you the best of everything
   Not because you give me your all
   But because you deserve these things
   I will not just set you aside
   I will show you how much I care
   I will do the things you want
   So you’ll stay happy with me.

If I were a boy,
   I will always be loyal and honest to you
   I might turn my head to another girl
   But I’ll say it will always be you
   I won’t cheat on you
   I will make you feel beautiful
   I am going to stay faithful
   And treat you my life.

If I were a boy,
   I will turn down temptation always
   To make you feel secured and sure
   That I will be yours as long as forever
   It might be early to say
   But I swear I will behave
   Because for me it’s only you
   It’s you I chose to be with.

If I were a boy,
   I will shower you with small presents
   Give you the simplest surprises
   I know it’s the small things that matters
   A kiss on the forehead,
   An embrace when you’re sad
   And when you feel alone,
   I will hold your hand.

If only I was a boy,
   I will do all these I wrote
   Because I know what she needs
   What she wants, what she feels
   If only I was a boy,
   I won’t hurt her feelings
   I will make her cry, yes
   But I say it’s out of happiness.

And I wish I was a boy,
   So I can make one girl be loved
   The way she deserves to be loved
   To give back what she can give
   To reciprocate all she does
   To make her believe of true love
   To make her feel she’s worthy
   Of everything there is.

Unfortunately, I wrote these because I am a girl. A girl who gave everything to a guy… a guy who gave his everything to someone else.

– K