Wherever you go, don’t you ever forget your phone or your DSLR or digicam so you can take the memories of your travel from your eyes, to your brain, to your hand ready for you to see all over again and for everyone else to see as well. Just remember to experience them (the events, the place, the things) not just take pictures of them for the sake of posting (oh, God, social networking sites have become people’s world, you know).

But… wherever you go, I suggest that you MUST not forget to bring a pen (a working pen, please) and a notebook… a journal for that matter.


1. To be able to take note of what you did, how you felt, how it affected you, when it happened, why it happened.

2. To be able to save a memory you might forget in the long run that pictures (or even your brain can’t bring back to life.

3. To express the feelings you suppress because sometimes, not all of your emotions come out, you don’t show them all.

4. To write down the words you can never say, or the things you wanted to say but chose not to let them out of your mouth.

5. Journals act as shock absorbers, too (for anger, guilt, regret, confusion, happiness, elation, extreme feelings you might encounter along the way).

6. Lastly, to be able to narrate everything from the beginning ’til the end, with complete details, filled with feelings, written in a manner no one else does but you and your mind, the way you wanted it, the way you saw it, and the way you remember it. The story is a complete package of you, the place, the people, and your experiences, nothing less.

So take time to write down notes as long as you are free to do it. Don’t rush writing. It is your travel story. Make it good. Make it the best for you and for others, too. 😉

– K