The wind blew her hair
Her dress dancing with it.
Her fingers interlocked
Laid on her lap.

She looked at the sky,
It was bright and blue.
She smiled.
She remembered.

Slowly she lay down
Stretched her feet
On the grass they rested
Her back comforted.

She closed her eyes
Smiling, reminscing
Thinking about good things
Planning the days.

Her mind’s enjoying
Her heart’s thumping
Loving the feeling
Thinking about him.

Then a raindrop came
And landed on her face
She opened her eyes
And saw dark clouds upon her.

The rain fell hard,
Angrily at her
While she lies on the grass
Tears streamed down.

No more, she wept
Too much she expected.
Embracing herself
She stayed there wet.

Don’t stop, she asked
Just fall down.
Let her drown.
Soon she’ll wake up.

– K