Buried in my blanket for several days,
Too lazy to get out of bed,
My mind go places I am familiar with
Wondering, remembering what to do next.

Sat up and stared at the window and out
That night, it was raining hard.
Checked my bedside clock, its 01:45,
Hugged my knees and watch the raindrops.

With eyes closed I remember everything,
The happy coversations I am missing.
The walks, the movies, our favorites
The sweet kisses from forehead to lips.

I control the deepest urge I feel
To pick my phone and send you something
That would remind you how it used to be
That now it was never the same you and me.

I remember how the pain felt like.
Stabbing the bleeding pieces of my heart.
I remember all of the anger, the hate,
The repetition of breaking my trust.

I opened the window and feel the breeze
Of the coldness of the night and the water
Bits splashing on my face and skin
I remembered how it was like that pain.

I sighed, there is no point reminiscing
When I am the only one left feeling
You’ve got a life now and I got mine too.
And I know I have moved on from you.

Yes I have and all I need is consistency
To accept the fate and live with it
That I must do it over and over again
Until the day I forget every little thing.

One day I will laugh at all my silliness
That I have put much effort for someone worthless
Of my time, of my heart, of every bit of me
That I deserve to be loved and be cared and be free.

I didn’t realize I fell into a deep sleep
Beside the open window, a bird came and chirped
I opened my eyes and was hurt by the light
The sun shines on me, so big and so bright.

The rain has stopped, the air still cold
The smell of the dew and the flowers bloom
I smiled and thought I buried the memories
While I was asleep, I erased the feelings.

The rain has stopped and so do I
I stopped embracing the littlest pain last night
And spread my arms as wide as I could
Come to me, oh love! I’m ready for you.


– K