Starving after a long day out shopping and window shopping, we decided to eat at a hawker center near our place so we could finally stop our stomachs from grumbling and making noises all over.

With everything unfamiliar, I stood at a ramen stall looking up the menu wishing I could taste them all just by staring at them so I could choose what I like most. And loving spicy foods, I end up buying Hot and Spicy Beef Ramen.

How was it? It was great! It was delicious! Not because I was hungry but it really was very tasty, the beef is so soft, the noodle was cooked just right, and the soup was so aromatic. A heavenly taste of Japanese food again. 😁

Two thumbs up for the ramen stall in an ordinary hawker center!

The amount I paid? Just S$ 4.50. A very good quality food at a very cheap price. No need to go to a fancy restaurant to experience a ramen so nice, just stop by a hawker center and your tummy’s gonna be too satisfied! 👍

– K