In the darkest night,
You’ll be alone.
No one to talk to
But the shadows.

You’ll wonder why,
What have you done
The people you trusted
Just let you down.

In times of great waves
Coming your way
You’ll never have anybody
With you but yourself.

And the winds will blow
And take you further
Away from people you thought
Would stay forever.

Then you’ll see
Who they really are
Why you better be
Walking alone this far.

Friends they be
Friends you thought.
Still you can trust
No one but you.

In the darkest of the night
You are alone.
Soon comes the light,
And the sorrow gone.

– For my friend who was just hurt tonight: Don’t dwell on the pain. Always remember that you are blessed, you are loved. You may feel alone tonight, it’s okay, just always remember, I may be silent, but I’ll be here for you. I promise.

– K