Just because I smile often doesn’t mean I’m not hurt
Just because I laugh too much doesn’t mean I don’t cry
Just because everyone sees me strong doesn’t mean I’m not weak.
And just because I forgive doesn’t mean that you can let my heart break.

Just because I don’t open up doesn’t mean you will let me close my door,
I don’t know if you feel it but sometimes I  need a shoulder to cry on.
Just because I stayed silent doesn’t mean I have nothing to say,
Sometimes I opted to shut my mouth to keep the tears away.

Times are not perfect and you see me overcome all odds,
Because like a bamboo stick fighting the storm, I don’t break, I bend
But sometimes, when the world is pulling me down over and over again
I hope you would know when to reach out for my hand.

Just because I learned so much doesn’t mean I know everything.
Just because I love too much doesn’t give you the right to take advantage of me.
Because during the days and the times that I have to pretend,
I am praying that someone would notice and bring me back to myself.

Our emotions make us, they make us human, they make us feel,
But there are lots to experience, don’t just give me pain and tears.
When you teach me to build walls around through every drop of hurt,
The next time you hit me, my walls would hit you back harder than you expected.

Our thoughts define us, they give us a purpose, they give us meaning
But just because I keep them doesn’t mean I know nothing.
Sometimes it is best to not let it travel out my mouth to you
Because I’d rather you hurt me than I hurt you.

Just because I am kind doesn’t mean you can make me feel bad.
I also need your appreciation, sense of gratitude and love.
Just because I don’t hurt you doesn’t mean it is just for you to offend me.
You must learn how to treat everyone, including me, so fairly.

And just because I am this, you will always be that.
I can also be that but I don’t want to hurt you back.
So maybe you can be this, and I’ll stay the same,
And then we’ll both understand how we can shoo away the pain.


– K