Once a cheater, always a cheater.

That’s how the saying goes. Many of us, teenagers, young women, ladies, and mothers have been cheated upon by their partners, and yep, the group includes yours truly, I am a member of the women-who-indirectly-got-a-taste-of-other-women team.

Cheaters! WILL… NEVER… CHANGE! For crying out loud! Hah! If only words can be heard, you’ll get your eardrums ringing.

I wanna share to you how stupid I was. I have to let this out for goodness sake. I’ll die out of heart attack if I don’t. But I guess stupid people like me can change, right?

Right. So here I go:

My bestfriend (Oh yes, I fell in love with my bestfriend!) and we became together more two years ago. The honeymoon stage felt like unending, you know, gifts, crazy-in-love feeling, attention, time, effort, and all that. It changed when he transferred to a different company a year later and that’s where the problem started. He was linked to his officemate and I guess they had that mutual understanding thing even though the b**ch knows he was in a relationship back then. And then a few months later, I flew to Singapore. We fought everyday, misunderstandings and miscommunications here and there for months.

Then one night, browsing facebook, I caught them.

We broke up, I blocked him everywhere. For months, I did my best to move on. And I did! I did, I was able to. Unfortunately, his family was too attached to me and knowing his mother was having a hard time on him, I decided to talk to him. And that’s how my stupidity came in to the story. For the sake of a long-time friendship, I talked to him… I did that for his mother. And I was still willing to at least bring the friendship back (effin’ 12years). We chatted when we got time, laughed like nothing has ever happened, though he tells me he still loves me. He told me he broke up with that girl. I don’t want to believe but a part of me already believed him.

Came the news from a friend telling me that it was their anniversary and they were so sweet on Facebook (no matter how I try to block him away totally, our friends pop up just like that to tell me news about him).

No final words, I started to block him again from all means of contact. And I hope my foolishness will end here.

Never ever trust a cheater. Especially those two-timer A-holes. Don’t believe all their dramas, they’re expert with that. Ladies. Take it from me and my malfunctioning brain. I learned my lesson the hard way. So once your partner cheated, walk away, it may be hard, but you’ll get away from misery and pain forever. Someone out there is just waiting for you. You deserve the best.. not a trash.