People, no matter how kind we are, we have this habit in our system… something that can’t easily be removed from our daily lives. We complain about small things that doesn’t please us. And we all know it is a negative vibe that would affect not just us but everything and everyone around us.

I saw this on Facebook posted by a page I can’t remember and I thought, why don’t I try? So I did.

I started the next day at 8am, I timed it just to make sure I’ll end the 24-hour challenge perfectly and completely. Twelve hours passed and I noticed I only complained twice. It is difficult, you know, but it was a good start. Four more hours passed and it became three. Before going to sleep, I told myself, “Hah! Nice start K. Now you got to do it everyday,” even though the 24-hour period is not done yet.

I woke up the next morning at 6:30am, lazy to get out off the bed, nothing new, just the usual. I did my normal routine before going to work. I went out and passed by people who normally doesn’t take a bath in the morning, and suddenly I got irritated for reasons I don’t know (knowing that I know what to expect every morning), unkind words filled my thoughts. I walked to the MRT station and to my shock, I encountered a long queue towards the tap-in machine, and this was the first time it happened to me! I cursed. Walking down the stairs, keeping myself on the left (because that’s their rule here: KEEP LEFT), and a lady going up seemed to forget their own rule. She’s going up towards me. As much as I want to keep myself on the left side, I had to step aside to give way to her, I silently got angry… Anyway, I continued walking.

Arriving at my workplace, I checked my phone to see if I’ve come late to work, it’s 8:01 am. Then realization flooded… (I hope you can read what my mind is thinking). Being good is not easy. God, You gave me the real challenge at the last hour. I never thought of that.

Now I have to do it all over again because I failed. I failed when I thought I did good. I failed when I believed too much that nothing could go wrong, my over-confidence. I failed when I think highly of myself, ending the challenge that easy? Nah. I was so wrong. I realized, it was my habit. Complaining has always been in my system and it won’t go away in just 24 hours. Now, the challenge is to make myself better everyday… until I get this complaining attitude out of me.

And so, my 24-hour period starts again… ☺

– K