Overthinkers are simply silent but their minds speak a thousand words. And most of the time, understanding them is quite challenging. Though they don’t speak their mind and you wouldn’t know what actually runs in their head, their actions betray them. So let me tell you some things about overthinkers.

1. They don’t trust anybody. Almost everybody I should say. Even their friends are silent victims of their mistrust, families not exempted. They just can’t stop their mind from doubting the slightest action those other people do or words they say.

2. Sudden flight of ideas. When you were saying something and suddenly you get lost. Like the what-were-I-talking-about-just-seconds-ago situations. They forgot too soon because their mind wandered elsewhere too fast.

3. Sleepless nights. They hardly can sleep at night because their brains work double-time when everything seems to be at peace.

4. They are paranoid. Yep. They are. No explanations needed. They have problems with trust right?

5. They see too much detail. Unnecessary details to be exact. That’s what brings them trouble and keep them safe too. So it goes either way. Why-isn’t-he-replying-he’s-online-and-our-replies-are-more-like-a-minute-gap kind of thing.

6. Indecisive. Because there are lots of things running in their head, including possibilities and options, they are most of the time unable to decide FAST because they have to think it through. Like a simple meal. Have patience with them.

7. Overlapping thoughts. They have this problem with focusing the mind into one topic. They jump from one thought to another which may sometime cause them to feel uneasy not unless they have managed to calm themselves when this happens.

8. They remember everything. Things and events are so vivid because they use all their neurons to save them all in their brain’s memory… Be it good things or the bad ones. So be careful what kind of memory you’ll give them.

9. They get lost during conversations. Because of no. 2 and no. 7, they would probably won’t be able to follow the track of what you are telling them. Some would admit they got lost and didn’t understand, some would pretend they were intently listening.


9. When their minds get blank, it’s weird. There are times when suddenly, their minds stop. It happens. But when it does, it felt like there is something wrong with them. So they would generate something to think about just for their brains to return to its “normal” function. Weird, right?

Being an overthinker is not easy. If only they can shut their mind like how you shut your mouth, they would have done it many times, could be almost all the time. Unfortunately, they’re nonstop. And they simply have to live with it.

– K