And for my heart’s satisfaction, just last night, the book I ordered arrived!

Oh my God! 😍

Reflections of a Man by Mr. Amari Soul

I’ve waited for it for almost three weeks. Why so long? This is how it happened. I made the purchase on Book Depository October 23rd. It was a Friday. And then it told me that it will be dispatched in UK in 3 business days, so yeah, I have to wait for 5 days just to get it dispatched. When it was, an email was sent to me that it was already dispatched. I got more excited. Then, I read all the information from the email and it said there that for arrival dates, there are specified times, for Singapore, it would take 5-9 business days. Oh, God, the agony of waiting again. But it’s okay. For the love of books. So I waited. On the ninth day, I got disappointed my book hasn’t arrived yet. I emailed Book Depository fast. While I was waiting for a reply, I read some FAQs about packages delayed. It says there, “check with your local post.” After a night of heartbreak, Book Depository replied asking if I have checked with the local post. Yeah, my mistake. Because I am too eager! I never tried checking with them but asking some friends, they told me it would be roughly around 3-5days. More??! More waiting?! Hah! There’s nothing I can do, anyway. Really. (shoulders fell with a deep sigh).

When I arrived home last night, I suddenly felt like going down and check the mailbox. There is this strong feeling that it is already there. Upon opening the box and seeing the brown package sitting under some advertisement papers and mails, I looked at it for several seconds with sparkling eyes like I fell inlove for the first time! I took it fast handling it with so much care and my smile plastered on my face. Oh!

When I got to my senses a few minutes after opening it, I realized how complicated ordering something online is specifically the waiting phase. But I would gladly do the process all over again for my heart’s desires. ‘Til my next order Book Depository! And I’ll be stuck reading this over and over again Mr. Amari Soul. 😍😂

Hey guys, try this! It is such a nice read especially for us, women. I definitely would advertise and recommend this book everywhere for free. 😁