Finally bored with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? No one to talk to? Alone? Do something you’ve never done before. Talk to a complete stranger and find out something new. Like what I did. 😁


There are many chat applications nowadays and one of them is WeChat which has the ability to track down people around your area if you are desperately looking for a chatmate. (I was not desperate by the way. I was just bored.)

I got curious and I tried. But I didn’t made the first move. People greeted me first. Then my attention was directed to one Chinese guy who greeted me like this: Do you know you look just like Singapore?

Frown and question marks all over my face and I found myself replying: And why is that?

The answer? Because you are smoking and hot. (This punch line was associated with the haze problem in SG.)

Hah! An analogy at its worst! I didn’t liked it, honestly, but it’s not that bad either. It just doesn’t have an impact on me.

Then followed another message: Pardon my terrible pick up line.

Okay. Forgiven. LOL.

I replied: I don’t think that’s a good comparison but it’s good trying though.

Then he said: Haha. IKR. I really don’t have a pick up line but here’s one. 🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚🚚

And I don’t know why but I burst out laughing. I told him: LOL. That’s worth the second try. I laughed. 😂

And he replied: OH, THANK GOD!

I giggled. He was funny. I loved the last part. I can imagine him sighing. Haha.

That was the beginning of an acquaintanceship, whatever you may call it. I won’t tell the whole story and what followed but after the conversation, we both didn’t regret trying to connect via this application I never thought I would use ever in my life. He’s seen my crazy side. And I’ve seen his. So there. I found a chat buddy as crazy as me. Interesting, indeed. 🙂

– K