Ichiban Boshi is simply…. LOVE. ❤

It’s my highschool friend’s birthday and she invited me to have dinner with her and some friends. Have you read about my free treat from The Connoiseur Concerto Cafe because my friend was the manager? That was her. Haha. Treats from her here and there.


The above picture is Chicken Teriyaki. As always. Wherever Japanese restaurant I go, this is always on top of my list. Sushis and makis are just second. Why? Because I love the tenderness of the chicken, the juiciness and the taste from the skin to the deepest cell of its flesh. Yum. My mouth’s watering while I am actually describing it.


This one is Strawberry Sundae, which I totally think it was more like a strawberry cheesecake mixed with some ice cream, creamer, and strawberry syrup. It has some real strawberries at the bottom which I so so so love… it’s my favorite fruit how could I not? One of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted. Two thumbs up for this!

I haven’t got a chance to take a picture of all things that filled my tummy tonight because they are all so overwhelmingly delicious and I was busy stuffing my mouth with everything I even forgot my name… almost! Haha. 😉

I have long been craving for japanese foods and I thank God for making my friend have the same craving as mine. My stomach is so satisfied I can barely control it’s size. 🙂 Way to go tummy! Congratulations, you have made it! You expanded very well. And I am also thankful I wore something loose it wasn’t hard keeping my big stomach. That ends tonight’s dinner, I am totally full, thanks to you my friend. I’ll give your Doraemon some other time. 😁