Women are strong and independent nowadays. We can stand on our own, face every single challenge that life throws upon us, and show everyone what we got. Do you believe that? Of course. Beyonce just got the right lyrics for us, “who run the world?” (My mind shouted GIRLS!)

Though we trip, we fall, we get wounded for so many times, we stand taller each time because we are all born damn gorgeous and powerful. But I say we are women, we are still girls… who have the softest and most sensitive hearts no matter how tough we look on the outside.

And when it comes to LOVE, which is obviously our weakness, all our defenses seem to break just to let someone take hold of our heart and everything. We give our best, our all, ourselves to the person we love. But not all realtionships are successful. Some people, some guys just exist in our lives for a period of time to complete their role which only someone-up-there knows. And when their time with us is up, they leave whether you like it or not, whether you fight for it or not. So how do we know when to surrender and raise our white flags? Here are some instances:

1. When you did your best but your best wasn’t good enough.
Yeah right, you gave everything, you introduced him to your family, you fought for your love, you overcame consequences, you took down all challenges for him, you gave 100% of your effort, love and time, and then what? He still left you. You cried a thousand buckets of tears, you begged, you knelt in front of him (hey, that’s too much), and he ignored you. Time to wake up girl! You need a hard slap on your face.

2. When you are cheated on.
This is the worst. EVER. If he was able to cheat on you for another girl, never, ever, EVER!! Let him break your heart again. They say a cheater will always be a cheater, heard of that? Now what? You say second chances? Well, it depends on you now. If you think he’ll change, okay I won’t stop you but if he repeats the same mistake again, which I believe he would, I’ll raise your white flag for you and kick his ass.

3. When your mother tells you not to go for it.
Mothers know best. Some are naggy they would tell you face-to-face she don’t like him for reasons you can’t understand, and some are quiet, they will talk to you in private, tell them what they feel about your guy, but since you love him, you will insist and get mad at her which ends the conversation with her letting you do what you want. Mothers instincts are the best, I tell you. Surrender when she says it, because as early as now, she has already seen your future with him.

4. When he started hurting you physically.
Don’t be a martyr! When out of anger he pulled your arm so hard you got bruised or slap you… c’mon! Where’s your white flag?! Stop your stupidity. If he can hurt you once, there is a very high tendency of repetition, it could even be more than a just a small black eye. Before he even attempts to give you a hard hand, give him a realization that you are no idiot and leave.

5. Once you realized you are the only one working it all out.
We, girls, give out all our energies in making our relationships work. Guys do the same… in the beginning (I don’t intend to generalize though). But some just really starts to get lazy and pass on the role to us girls, which we willingly accept. So we, who were once the princesses and bosses, suddenly became the peasants and employees, who do things for them. If one day you get tired and all of your hardworks come unnoticed and unreciprocated, it’s time to give up.

No more what ifs, no more buts, just GIVE UP. You deserve more than what you have right now. You are special and you are worthy of a man who will love you more than he loves himself. Don’t settle for less. When you know your worth, ladies, you know what you must get and what you must have. So wake up and don’t turn your back to the a**hole who never saw what a treasure you are. Love yourself first and know what you are entitled to.

– K