T’was a tiring day. Less sleep, more work, hassled by some situations, exhausted by circumstances, sucked out energy, inspirationlessness, and the highlight? I was awakened by a moment of truth.. A truth I never prepared for, I never expected to slap me hard, I haven’t foreseen… A truth I haven’t thought of and denied to believe.

So there, the moments in my life I am opening up to you have a bit of a history before I come to the exact point of my writing. 😀

Going back, a friend saw my facebook posts and got alerted by the way I delivered my words. She thought that I needed some “counseling” and called me to chill out. We googled some bars near her place and we end up walking down the streets to SAFRA country club in Toa Payoh, up to the third floor in the Superbowl bowling place. There, a bar came to sight. They have a balcony so we decided to just hang outside and enjoy the view of the swimming pool and gym. A very good place to relax… BEER ALLEY!

Their bar snacks are cheap and delicious. Their beer, too. Maybe next time we’ll try out their cuisine because we’ll surely come back to this place with our other friends. We had like two and a half hours there just chatting and reminiscing and laughing and bursting out emotions kept in the depths of my being.

A lovely night indeed. Tiring but the day ended so well. Still thankful for a friend who tapped my back when I least expect it. 🙂