I am an ordinary person, an ordinary girl. Yes, a girl. Still a girl at mid-20s. I have too big dreams I am aiming for (with some of them achieved) and at the same time I have this craving for simple and small things to continuously be happy in my everyday life.

As a regular employee.
Sleep is number one. More than 5 hours of sleep, or more like a whole day of sleep. So a week off a month is the best ever! And then I do a good deed for some stranger, as a happy person, I want to make someone happy too. Some perks or gifts from the company e.g. a simple birthday gift card, a pen, or an eco-bag, a box of supplements (yes, I am happy with that already), excluding company benefits of course. The kindness of a patient I am currently taking care of is an advantage and it makes me happier.

As a girl.
More on personal things actually. A new dress. A lipstick. Make-up. Nail polish. A new pair of shoes. Milk bath. Whitening soap. A good length of time in the shower. Hair treatments. A good meal in a good restaurant once in a while. Cheat days (when I am honestly not dieting, lol). A chocolate a day keeps my frown away. Window shopping. SALE. A good book. A movie date with friends. Travel around places. Wonderful songs, handsome figures, sunrise, sunset and the moon. Unending conversations with someone, and more… but most especially, some alone time.

As a friend.
You remembering me once in a while is good enough for me. I don’t need too much attention. Just remember me when you need me or when you just wanted someone to talk to, call me, send me a message and I’m happy with that.

As a child.
My mom is not like some other moms who would want to talk to their children everyday. My mom most of the time doesn’t give me too much attention, doesn’t even give me a call or send me a simple message. But I am not sad about that. She was like that for as long as I remember and I’m used to it. What makes me happy as a child then? Nothing. Just a long conversation with her once a month. That would make me happy until the next talk. Haha. Simple.

As a girlfriend.
I am boyfriendless but that is not a reason for me not to ask some simple things if I’ll have one again. My simple joys as a girlfriend don’t include material things because those I need to be happy are loyalty, effort, time, patience, love and faith. That’s all.

As a child of GOD.
God is the provider of my simple joys everyday. So there’s nothing else I could ask for because He’s been giving me too many blessings, non-stop. And I am so grateful and happy about that. 100%. Wait… Oh, I have one! My simple joy as a child of God is Him keeping my loved ones safe everyday. 🙂

Simple joys. There’s more I guess. I just need not specify them all.

Anyway, have a good day everyone! Stay happy and positive always. 🙂


– K