I am not really a good critic of food and I only base the goodness or the badness of the food on my taste buds.

Anyway, I would just like to share to you some good food I had tonight. I went to our office to submit some paperworks, and I remembered to pay an old friend a visit, who happens to be the Manager of one of the branches of The Connoisseur Concerto cafe, somewhere along my way home.

Her face lit up upon seeing me and asked me to take a seat and at least have something before I leave… her treat. I so love FREE! So, I took a seat and indulged myself in their menu. And I chose their best sellers to try.


Above is their Seafood Aglio Olio which happens to be overly spicy but is so good I don’t want to finish it! When it comes to pasta, I rarely try something different, I normally stick to what I usually order. And this one is now on top of my list.


And here’s Chocolate of Wealth, a velvety, delicious frappe topped with chocolate chips. I love frappe, I love chocolate, so this one’s a package of my tummy favorites.

The spiciness of the pasta combined with the soothing sweetness of the drink… is PERFECT!

Thanks to my good ol’ friend for letting me try their yummy edibles. They’re certainly are the best!

That’s all. 👍

– K