A long bus ride is not only a good escape from reality, it is also a way of entering into the magical world of imagination.

In a city filled with crowd, noise, haze, and clocks that tick so fast, a long bus ride makes everything come into a halt… the people, the sounds, the air we breathe, the time… They are sucked in somewhere I want them to be, in a box where I can take them out immediately when I return to my senses, so as to clear my mind from the distractions of the world.

And then I enter a place I usually go to when I’m lost… Silence. Peace.

Streetlights pass by me like big stars. Roads move but I feel like I am in a full stop. And my mind? It stops, too. For a moment.

And somehow in its rest, I fall into a world of enchanted dreams. I don’t know how to describe it but the feeling of being unaware of where you are, where reality doesn’t exist, where you are the only person existing in that place, where you are enclosed in a peaceful embrace of solitude, where your mind has power over time, where you are seeing things you only want to see, where you are the goddess of events running in your head… Where you can manipulate everything… For a moment…

Ding Dong!
Approaching Changi Airport Terminal 1. Please move to the rear.

Oops. We’re here. I prepared my friend’s luggage and stood.

Slowly, I pulled out the real world from the box, returned to my existence, and smiled. My mind’s sleep was so sound I can manage the naturality of my environment again.

(And as I was actually typing these words from my phone, I was suddenly tapped by something in my head and I alight… at the wrong station. God. I drifted again. 🙂 )

– K