How hard is it to gain Wisdom? How difficult could it be to have a single Wisdom in you?

You see, it is extremely difficult and painful to have one. How much more if you gain all four? Yes. There are only four wisdoms in our whole lives. Sometimes, some people could have more than four and that is called supernumerary. Because having more than four is already too many.

Here they are:

1. The Upper Left Third Molar
2. The Upper Right Third Molar
3. The Lower Left Third Molar
4. The Lower Right Third Molar


Last year, my lower third molars made me feel a sample of the pain I am about to encounter. And gosh, I can’t take it! Then after showing a quarter of each, they stopped. Which was a total relief to me. But then, just this May 2015, left lower finally decided to erupt and give me the pain I have never felt before! I even called my mom and cried because I can’t eat a good meal and I can barely open my mouth. She just laughed at me, how sweet. I visited a clinic and I was given antibiotics and pain relievers. In five days after my visit to the doctor, I am finally done with one wisdom!! Hah! I am awesome!

Now, September, the right molar also decided to show itself to me and right now, I am trying to fight the pain. I minimize the pain reliever as much as possible, I want to tolerate it, because maybe, just maybe, I will become a superwoman and get numb to it. As the saying goes, “FEEL IT, UNTIL IT HURTS NO MORE.”

So what to do with an erupting Wisdom Tooth? Aside from trying to tolerate the pain, here are some tips:

1. Eat cold foods and ice chips. It will help ease the pain as it minimizes the blood flow on the gums (I don’t want to go deeper into this lecture).

2. You can use a cold compress on your mandible-slash-jaw at night so you can sleep because pain reliever doesn’t take away all the pain.

3. Antibiotics and Pain Relievers. Antibiotics for you to avoid infection and Pain relievers, of course, for the short term relief of pain.

4. Brush your teeth. It will definitely bleed but you have to… Fight bacteria too! Oh, gosh.

5. Don’t eat hard to chew foods. Even rice could be a burden so better go on a soft diet for the moment. And if there is no other choice left, the final option;

6. Surgery. Tooth extraction. But this must be done either before erupting or after. There must be no inflammation or pain yet because I tell you, it’s gonna be BLOODY.

The eruption of a wisdom tooth is extremely, totally painful. It hurts more than a heartbreak because this pain is too literal. So, you better watch out for your wisdoms guys. It might come out unexpectedly, get you to trouble and an agonizing pain. I hope my tips are helpful.

Random. Senseless. Idea. You see now why such a blog title. 🙂

Have a good day!

– K