Time flies.
Memories are the only things left.
Broken pieces that were shattered
Are picked up to become whole again.

Like the sand in my palms,
Most of them were gone.
But a little bit still remains,
And some were dug on my skin.

Do you remember?
When you draw a heart on our names.
When you wrote a letter saying,
“I will love you forever.”

Do I still remember?
When you were at your window
Staring at the skies full of stars,
Yes, because that’s what we always do.

Memories of you and me
I guess it will always be there.
Waiting to be remembered.
But I know, this will pass.

We had unpleasant events.
Which are a part of us.
And we’ve both left each other wounded.
But this too shall pass.

I miss you.
But I don’t want to go back to you.
Because our time has ended.
Our time has passed.

We tried.
I tried.
It was your choice.
And now I’m tired.

I want to stop thinking.
I force myself to check my brakes.
But I know eventually, at the right time.
These feelings, too, shall pass.

– K