September 8, 2015

Plus one. I am a year older. Glad I share the same birthday with Mama Mary. 🎉

Actually, I am not gonna talk about my birthday. I’ll be telling you about the no-bake cake I made for my special day… it’s a blueberry cheesecake! Yeah, and since I made it, I named it Blueberry CheeseKeyt. 🙂

A week ago, I was scanning my news feed when I came across this yummy picture of a cheesecake and the page was named No Bake Cake, Pies and More. I got curious and so I opened the page and checked out the procedure for the recipe. I am not into cooking honestly, but since I want something new for my birthday, I was motivated to make one, and I am freakin’ determined to befriend the kitchen for my day.

Tadah! Here’s the picture ⬇… newly transferred from the cooking pan to the springform pan.


And it looked like this last night after letting my friends taste it ⬇.


I think I put too much butter on the graham that’s why it turned out like that but… I got compliments! Yes! Whew! Kudos to my effort! Haha! I want to congratulate myself for finishing something edible. Wanna try to make one? You can get the original recipe here and try it yourself if you hate baking. This one’s so easy to prepare and delicious! Last night was one birthday I’m gonna include on my best dates because of this cake! Thanks and credits to the admin of the page. 🙂

– K