That fragile little thing
Two stems connected
Together as one
Speaking a thousand words
Of love that bind
Both of them
Into a piece held by the heart.
I took it to my palms
Inseparable it may seem
That fragile little thing
I held it close,
I never held it loose.

There was a story
Of endless love years ago
Two hearts together as one.
That fragile little thing
A heart for each stem,
They held each one
And snap!
They said the promise
Of forever
To stay together
Whatever it takes…

I take a close look at it.
The other half of it.
Only one stem on my palm,
The promise I kept,
This was the remembrance.
You might ask,
Where’s the other half?
Well, it was held by another heart
I so knew before.
But the promise of forever
Was held loose.
Now, it was lost.

There goes the story
Of a love years ago
Endless it may sound,
But I tell you… no.
That fragile little thing
Innocent, it was.
It embraced the promise
In its heart
Now it was torn apart.
Forgotten by time,
Lost in the past.
Now the other half is just memory,
Now, alone it was.

– K